1st Hunger Games
After the war, President Grates started the Hunger Games in honor of her father.

Will you survive and become the first ever victor or be just another face in the sky?

Situation: The games have begun.

Events are happening in each section once again. How will you survive them?


An avalanche occurs, sending snow toppling down crushing anything in it’s path. 


Trees are falling near tributes, even on tributes. Birds begin attacking tributes.

Abandoned City:

Cars will begin blowing up, walking near them will trigger one. Buildings shake and fall. The birds that were lining up are attacking now. 


Sirens beginning singing off in the distances, luring anyone who hears their voice into the water. The cabins collapse. 


Two more tunnels will collapse, one and two. It will kill everyone in them.


The corn whips at tributes again and in some areas disappear all together. This puts the tribute in plain sight to everyone around.


A poison is released around the Cornucopia. It causes boils and blisters on contact to skin. The waters freeze over, trapping anyone in them. 

Write how you deal with these upcoming problems and send them into the Capitol. No section is safe.

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