1st Hunger Games
After the war, President Grates started the Hunger Games in honor of her father.

Will you survive and become the first ever victor or be just another face in the sky?

Situation: The games have begun.
Adilene Isople • 17 • as Crystal Reed • District 3


✔: Cunning, resourceful, archery

: Fear of madness, weak and small build, trusting


Perhaps it was her loneliness as an only child, but Adilene always longed for a sibling. She was an introvert by nature, keeping mostly in her head, but she longed for a friend, someone to confide in. Perhaps then she wouldn’t dissolve into madness like her mother. Because of this Adilene may come off as aloof, distant, but she truly is one of the most trusting person, which can be quite a weakness. Adilene is a critical thinker, naturally, due to her district and her job within it. She can think in machines, wires, codes. It’s this, her analytical brain and love of facts and reasons that she uses, hoping to outrun madness. She could think her way out of anything, right?

Adilene was driven by right and wrong, a huge follower of the rules, she always went by the book. But she knew, if she were ever to win, she’d need to forsake her moral code. The other tributes would need to be merely pawns in her chess game.


Adilene Isople was forced to grow up too quickly and was never to question her role in the family. At the age of ten, her mother, Evellyn was imprisoned for losing her mind. They say it was due to constant exposure to chemicals in the labs, but Adilene knew better. The constant stress, the constant worry, the constant fear all of Panema experienced on a daily basis drove her mad. To this day, Adilene fears this will become her fate. Adilene watched her mother’s slow, painful decline into madness, and was quickly forced to take up her position in the lab.

Adilene and her father grew immeasurably closer after her mother’s death. Once an active and well-known family in the community, the Isople’s soon became outcasts, looked down upon by the rational citizens of District Three who couldn’t understand the emotional breakdown that plagued Evellyn. They were moved from their well respected position to a lesser respected lab research job.

She learned from a young age technical skills that would later help her when she was called as tribute. In addition to her lab position, Adilene loved archery, skilled with a bow and arrow from a young age, she’s even created her own crossbows, which will easily become her weapon as tribute.

When her name was called, Adilene knew practically everyone in the District was expecting her to break. The emotional turmoil her mother faced would undoubtley be her undoing. Adilene was determined to prove them wrong. She would win the Games, redeem her father in the eyes of her District, bringing respect to his name, and bring honor to her mother’s death. As trusting as Adilene was, she was not here to make friends. Only one tribute could win, and it had to be her.

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