1st Hunger Games
After the war, President Grates started the Hunger Games in honor of her father.

Will you survive and become the first ever victor or be just another face in the sky?

Situation: The games have begun.
Ramsey Rivendell • 18 • as Eddie Redmayne • District 4


✔: Strong, respectable, mature

✘: Cocky, arrogant, overprotective


Growing up on a fishing boat with a crew of men resulted in Ramsey being reserved and quiet. He talked to the other fishermen on the boat, but they were all much older then he was. This made him act much more mature then a boy of his age should be. The sea made him strong and independent. What he lacked in friends he made up for in the crew that he came to be captain of. They look up to him and respect him just as much as they had with his father.

Ramsey can be very cocky and arrogant. He often thinks that he is the best fisherman in the District and that he is even better then his father. Looking after his family after the death of his father made Ramsey become gentle and caring. He looked after his mother and younger sister and made sure that their needs were satisfied before his own. It is only when he is around his family that Ramsey allows his defenses fall. He is a completely different man with them than he is with his crew.


Nimmo and Marina Rivendell were a wealthy and highly influential couple in District Four. Together they owned a fishing company. The fish that Nimmo would catch would be exported to the Capital and also sold in the market in the District. Their wealth was all thanks to Nimmo and his crew of fisherman. Marina on the other hand would spend her days at the market selling the highly sought after fish that her husband would catch. As the couple grew older they decided to try for a family in hopes of having a son who could continue his fathers legacy.

A year later, Ramsey was born. Nimmo would take Ramsey out to sea so that the young boy could get a taste of the life of a fisherman. Once he turned 14, Ramsey was put in charge of a small crew and a boat. He was fulfilling the legacy of the Rivendell’s. Each day out on the sea made him stronger and more skilled, however he longed for the life that the other children had. They weren’t forced to spend all day fishing, instead they were sitting in classrooms receiving an education. He begged his mother for the chance to attend school so that he would learn something other then the sea. Marina couldn’t deny her son an education and allowed him to fish on the weekends and attend school during the week. Ramsey was ecstatic to meet people and to learn.

The perfect life of the Rivendell’s came to an end once the Dark Days had arrived. A revolution had started and men were being sent off to war. It was time to choose sides. The family had always been treated well and was close to the Capital, but the others in the District weren’t so lucky. Nimmo joined the revolution against the Capital. The war was long and while his father was away, Ramsey looked after the fishing business and also his mother who was pregnant with another child. The war ended and the Capital won. The fisherman Nimmo had been killed trying to save some of the men in his crew during battle, leaving behind Ramsey to be the head of the household.

Ramsey, now eighteen years old, took over the fishing business and watched over his mother and Adelaide, his younger sister. When news came of the Hunger Games, Ramsey feared that he would be reaped. He had a family to look after. He couldn’t be taken to the Capital and forced to fight to the death. The people of District Four needed him.

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