1st Hunger Games
After the war, President Grates started the Hunger Games in honor of her father.

Will you survive and become the first ever victor or be just another face in the sky?

Situation: The games have begun.

The Final Two face off. Who will emerge the victor?

The final two may work out an outcome. You have the option to roleplay the outcome (after discussing it, please) or just send in a paragraph or two. Try to get this finished by the 11th. 

Or like the last writing prompt, you can both send in your paragraphs and I will chose the outcome. 

Discuss it between the two of you and let me know!


  • One person must die (either by the other tribute’s hand or their own)
  • Keep it going to the Capitol picking up the winner
  • If you want it to go further, the doctors healing the tribute
The Final Two

The Victor is about to emerge. Who will win the crown and the title? Who will become just a face in the sky?

Italicized words are parts directly from the prompts sent it.

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With so little tributes left, the Capitol is demanding an end. The gamemakers are working on the big finish, but to get that far, they need all the tributes in one place: the Cornucopia.

Post this to your blog. You do NOT need to send it to the Capitol. 
You are allowed to use your gifts the sponsors sent you before these actions happen.
Do NOT kill any tributes in the writing prompt. Stop when you enter the Cornucopia.

Scout & Ramsey:

Animals will run by, some attacking you, some just trampling by. They will split you up. Before you are able to find each other all the trees will catch fire, leading you to the Cornucopia.


An earthquake shakes the cornfields. Ground is ripping apart, leading you to the Cornucopia.

Magnus & Lillium:

Nothing will happen to you since you are both in the Cornucopia. Write what you do with your time before the other tributes enter.

Due: March 22nd

As the night sky forms over head, the Capitol symbol is displayed in the sky for all to see. Along with the Capitol theme to get your attention, it starts playing images of those who died today, those who didn’t stand a chance. 

They became just another face in the sky. 

14th Place: Tomo Rong

13th Place: District Ten Male

12th Place: Eponine Morelli

11th Place: Senian Draide

10th Place: Corissa Pierce

9th Place: Carson Boxylic

8th Place: Abraham Baites

                       Tribute Status: Day Four

Corissa Pierce of District One killed by Abraham

Carson Boxylic of District Three killed by Ramsey

Abraham Baites of District Seven killed by Magnus & Lillium

Senian Draide of District Eight killed by Corissa Pierce

Tomo Rong of District Eight killed by avalanche

Eponine Morelli of District Nine killed by poisonous fog

Unknown Male of District Ten killed by collapsing Tunnels

This is the last activity check of the games. The finale is coming soon and a victor will be crowned.

Like this by: March 21st

Full Day Four Events:

Plenty happened on the fourth day of the Hunger Games. Many tributes have died and the Capitol is pushing for a victor.

The Mountians: 

Snow comes toppling down, crushing and killing Tomo underneath it. Corissa is able to escape to the lowest level of the Mountain. She heads toward the Cornucopia.


Carson is killed by Ramsey. Both Ramsey and Scout seek shelter from the fallen trees. Abraham runs out into the city for cover.

Abandoned City:

Abraham walks right into another trap as birds dive for him. As he runs, cars begin blowing up. Soon he is lead into the Cornucopia. The District Two tributes meet up and hide in a safe building.


The waves drag the cabins back out into the ocean. Sirens songs begin to die down as the return to the depths.


The District Ten male is crushed as one of the tunnels collapse on top of her. 


Skene stays resourceful as the corn starts whipping again, able to knock them down. He is okay in his little circle until nearly all the corn around him sinks into the ground, leaving him vulnerable.


Many tributes are grouped in this section. Corissa, Senian,  Abraham, Magnus, Lillium, and Eponine are all present. Soon enough, the poisonous fog is released. The first to feel it’s wrath is Eponine. The fog wraps up her thighs, reaching her arms. The other tributes can see the pain in her face and they began running to higher ground.

Eponine can barley move as the fog takes her over. She falls behind, soon too deep in the fog to see a thing. A cannon goes off.

Corissa begins running toward the Cornucopia, quickly climbing up only to be greeted by Senian. The two have a quick scuffle before Corissa is able to shove the girl from Eight off and into the water. 

Senian begins to climb out, anger pulsing through her. Right as she lifts herself up, the water freezes, trapping her below her knees. All she can do is sit and watch as the fog comes toward her. A cannon goes off.

Abraham is quick when it comes to climbing up the metal monster. It is his turn to attack Corissa. He has no time throwing her off, smiling as he hears her body crack against the ice. A cannon goes off as her lifeless body is overtaken by the fog.

During the fighting on the Cornucopia, Magnus and Lillium help each other to the Cornucopia. Fog gains up on them quickly, but they are able to climb up. Abraham, thrilled with his recent kill, comes towards them. Two against one as they fight back and forth. Finally the couple overpower the boy from Seven, pushing him down. He slides straight into the fog. After desperate screams and pleas, a cannon goes off. 

Day Four Events:

Ramsey & Scout:

The couple has left the beach as the cabins collapsed and sirens began singing, nearly pulling Ramsey into their lure. With quick thinking, Scout drove in, pulling Ramsey out of the danger zone. They were now in the forest, moving about. Carson, the District Three male tribute, came out. Ramsey chose to leave the boy alone, trying to take Scout with him. Carson attacked the District Three boy. After some struggle, a knife to Ramsey’s shoulder, and trees falling around them, Ramsey killed the boy. He had cut off his air supply until Carson stopped moving. 

"We need to find shelter," Ramsey said as they started to move once again.

Magnus & Lillium: 

Neither was submitted.